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Need Input

2012-06-28 07:07:10 by KronosynVision

Hello everyone. Id like thank everyone whos written to me commented on my "work" or acknowledged me in some way. I can offer no excuses good enough to justify my lack of work since Halloween. Ill I can say is lately I have felt the drive to resume or perhaps redo what I started. However I need help. From the start the idea was to have four sections of girls. Mostly anime but game girls work too. Each section or element has a theme. Sky will be Pilots and or high spirited girls. Fire is red heads and or tempermental types. Water idealy characters most commonly in swim suits or athletes, and Earth well the bustier the better. I dont like to use to many girls from same source. So I need ideas from people. Leave ideas here, send me list write my gmail. I admit I like to know I have peoples interest so the more input and ideas I get the more likely Ill push to work. Hope to hear frpm you all.


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2012-06-28 08:07:54

Also would be awesome to use Original characters. But only use originals with artist permission. Each girl idealy has a risky but "safe" pic and an alternate adult pic. Adult pics wont feature additional characters cause the idea is the players avatar The Hunter can be either m ale or female. Also need an artist for a female character that acts as guide and supervisor.


2012-07-09 06:55:45

Still need names to fill the roster. Decided to expand concepts a bit. Fire still about same idea. Water includes characters in leotards or any character gives the idea of "flowing". Maybe include very long hairs. Earth should include some the tough silent types. And Sky include anyone in a flight suit or characters know to wear googles such as Mechanics.


2012-10-06 03:28:30

First off, big fan of the Girl Hunter games. Simple, easy, entertaining. Anytime I play I expect to kill a few minutes, and end up spending a couple hours on it.
So, is it okay to post a suggestions list in comments? I prefer to do things via post than email. Partly because I never remember to check mine.

(Updated ) KronosynVision responds:

You can totaly do that. I always welcome comments. Its also good to have a fan and somebody that gets the concepts of girl hunter. Simple and easy the mini games are mwant to be fast and easy, in fact my inspiration for GH is the mobile game AquaPets XD


2012-10-21 11:49:36

I know it's not much, and you've probably gotten most of these already, but here's a few ideas I had on who you could include. And if not, maybe it'll give you some inspiration at least.
I focused on fire and water, but fire turned out to be easier for me.
Meia Gisborn--------Vandread
Angel--------Fairy Tail
Harpie Lady--------Yu-Gi-Oh!
Meru--------Legend Of Dragoon
Gloria--------Devil May Cry 4
Sakura Haruno--------Naruto
Gravelyn--------AdventureQuest Worlds
Erza Scarlet--------Fairy Tail
Erza Knightwalker--------Fairy Tail
Mara--------Ah! My Goddess
Candy Cane--------Rumble Roses
Azuma Kamimura--------Cara the Blood Lord
Sailor Mars--------Sailor Moon
Alexstrasza--------World of Warcraft
FonFon--------Lightning Warrior Raidy
Red--------Dragon Quest VIII
Jessica--------Dragon Quest VIII
Revy--------Black Lagoon
Juvia Loxar--------Fairy Tail
Mirajane Strauss--------Fairy Tail
Peorth--------Ah! My Goddess
Aqua--------Kingdom Hearts
Nami--------One Piece
Nico Robin--------One Piece
Boa Hancock--------One Piece
Sailor Mercury--------Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune--------Sailor Moon


2012-10-27 00:04:40

Theres a lot of girls to choose from. I'm a big fan of both air and earth. I hope you can push your work a little further


2013-07-06 18:41:34

love all your work hope to see more