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Halloween Edition Girl Hunter?

2011-10-17 23:24:06 by KronosynVision

I know its a late start but I was cut off from creation for about a week -_- ut anyway. I fully intend to make a smaller girl hunter for Halloween. Since its for holiday Ill have to versions. One safe for work, and one with adult content. Already fished up the pics i want to use, and using some silly cute drawings wife made for enemies.

Halloween Edition Girl Hunter?


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2011-10-24 23:03:47

Woooo! Joy. Figured out one the key parts that was stumping me, the mini game that occurs when player and enemy both use magic.


2011-11-02 03:58:06

I can't wait any longer for this ugh I'm so anxious to see what you'll put out next :D

KronosynVision responds:

Thanx. Sorry I missed the halloween deadline. I will still release this in next couple of days. i decided Id rather take time on details then rush it.


2011-11-03 16:46:00

Almost done! Maybe. I could have been done already but at a point I decided I wanted it to be fully detailed and properly worked out not just rushed.