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Need Input

2012-06-28 07:07:10 by KronosynVision

Hello everyone. Id like thank everyone whos written to me commented on my "work" or acknowledged me in some way. I can offer no excuses good enough to justify my lack of work since Halloween. Ill I can say is lately I have felt the drive to resume or perhaps redo what I started. However I need help. From the start the idea was to have four sections of girls. Mostly anime but game girls work too. Each section or element has a theme. Sky will be Pilots and or high spirited girls. Fire is red heads and or tempermental types. Water idealy characters most commonly in swim suits or athletes, and Earth well the bustier the better. I dont like to use to many girls from same source. So I need ideas from people. Leave ideas here, send me list write my gmail. I admit I like to know I have peoples interest so the more input and ideas I get the more likely Ill push to work. Hope to hear frpm you all.

The super late Halloween submission is done and ready to view. Its rated Teen, but sometime later this week I should have an extended Adult version completed and uploaded. After that I'll either rebuild Earth and Sky using new ideas and coding I learned along with some new girls, or try and do a Christmas Edition. Its one or other, haven't decided which one yet.

Halloween is done finally :p

I know its a late start but I was cut off from creation for about a week -_- ut anyway. I fully intend to make a smaller girl hunter for Halloween. Since its for holiday Ill have to versions. One safe for work, and one with adult content. Already fished up the pics i want to use, and using some silly cute drawings wife made for enemies.

Halloween Edition Girl Hunter?

Last call for HOF

2011-10-10 00:13:58 by KronosynVision

If all goes according to plan, ill be dropping a bombshell tommorow. In the form of an update with the Earth section complete, full of busty chicks from anime and video games. The new game will be a fairly easy card match game. Perhaps a new item in the shop will let you opt for an even easier card match game. The Seekers that worked for Sky section will also work for Earth section letting you narrow down your search. Have no plans for any new hidden girls atm but might add some 'cross-over' award girls. Still lots of room in the HOF and 1 opening for Sky Lord. Will update both with Earth upload.


2011-10-05 17:54:25 by KronosynVision

Looks like Girl Hunter is about to fall off the 50 most recent list on Flash Portal soon. How does one get any visits and reviews after that happens. Anyways. Anyways Im considering the Sky (Air) section done. Next move on to Earth.

Going to see if I can figure out how to make save and load functions in a flash program once I perfect it Ill apply it to my game Girl Hunter